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Monday, October 8, 2012

Heroes of Messengers of Peace Awards 2012


The Messengers of Peace global initiative, which started in 2011, has nominated Hero Awards to five people in 2012. The Heroes of Messengers of Peace Awards were presented on Sunday 23rd September 2012 during the National Scout Celebrations of the 82nd Saudi Arabian National Day in the Al Jawf region in north-east Saudi Arabia. This presentation was done by HRH Prince Fahd bin Badr bin Abdulaziz al Saud - Governor of the Al Jawf Region, Mr Luc Panissod - Secretary General, WOSM and Prof Dr Abdullah Al-Fahad - President, Saudi Arabian Scout Association. The awards were given to Scouts and volunteers (in Scouting) who made a real difference in their communities through the Messengers of Peace initiatives.

The first “Heroes of Messengers of Peace Awards” (2012) has been awarded to:
• Donald Michel (Haiti) for his heroic action saving a policeman's life during the earthquake in Haiti;
• Rahmad Hidayat – a Rover Scout from Central Java in Indonesia, who, together with his group, has led wonderful projects to help unemployed young people in his community. Rahmad received the award on behalf of the National Rover Scout Committee of the Indonesian Scouts, Gerakan Pramuka, which has inspired nearly 2 million Scouts to become Messengers of Peace in the first year;
• Eagle Scout Anthony Thomas – the 2,000,000th Eagle Scout in the history of the Boy Scouts of America, who received the award on behalf of the National Eagle Scout Association of the BSA, who annually inspire over 50,000 Eagle Scouts to do amazing things in their communities and thus become Messengers of Peace;
• Abdulaziz Al Qosy – a Rover Scout from Riyadh, who has worked tirelessly in the Hajj Pilgrimage and the Environment Programme, who received the award on behalf of all the Messengers of Peace in Saudi Arabian Scouting; and lastly
• Colm Kavanagh of Ireland who has volunteered for over two years helping to build the MOP network and programs globally. Colm’s tireless efforts have helped to inspire millions of Scouts. Colm accepted the award on behalf of the over 3 million adult leaders who work quietly as volunteers helping young Scouts to excel.
From 2013 the MoP Hero Awards will be awarded annually to Scouts and volunteers who make a real difference in their communities, and whose actions have been reported on

Scott Teare is the new Secretary General of World Scouting


The World Scout Committee has announced the new Secretary General for the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Scott Teare from the United States of America is the new Secretary General of World Scouting. Scott is currently the Director of the International Division of Boy Scouts of America. He is a tireless advocate for World Scouting and has successfully kept the torch of World Scouting lit within Boy Scouts of America among its Board Members and Officers for many years.

As one of Boy Scouts of America's World Scouting ambassadors, Scott Teare – also recently awarded the Bronze Wolf – has contributed significantly to establishing and applying the Association's international policy. He has established diplomatic contacts, maintained relations and represented Boy Scouts of America with American businesses operating abroad, foreign embassies, key government leaders, heads of states and royal family members in an effort to provide sustained financial support and membership growth for World Scouting.
Scott has negotiated and established beneficial relationships with other National Scout Organizations around the world; and advised and supported Boy Scouts of America officers and leaders who are actively involved in international Scouting commitments, including Regional and World Scout Committees and subcommittees, and Regional and World Scout Foundations. His direct involvement in supporting the Interamerican Scout Region, especially in setting up the new Regional Office in Panama, has been especially noteworthy.
The new Secretary General will take office on 1st January 2013 at the World Scout Bureau Central Office.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Community-based Scouting explored

Recognizing the importance of extending Scouting outside the school system and bringing Scouting closer to the community, the second Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Community-Based Scouting (CBS) is being held in New Delhi, India from 21st to 24th September 2012.
National coordinators, unit leaders working at district and state levels, and eight executives from Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Bhutan, Cambodia, Nepal, Maldives, Philippines and India have the opportunity to share their experiences and good practices as the workshop looks into the impact of Scouting in communities and how it can facilitate reaching out to new horizons.
Bharat Scouts & Guides National Commissioner Mr. L. M. Jain inaugurated the workshop, with Chief Commissioner Scouts and Workshop Director Mr Shyamal Kumar Biswas and APR Programme Sub-Committee Vice-Chairman Dr. H.P Chhetri.
World Organization of the Scout Movement/Asia-Pacific Region Regional Director Abdullah Rasheed shared his vision for community-based Scouting. Also with him are BS&G Director Mr Rakesh Kumar Sharma and APR Director Mr Syd Castillo as resource persons.
With over 90% of national Scout organizations in the region with school-based Scouting mode, the 2009 Regional Scout Conference held in Malaysia endorsed the focus on CBS. This workshop reinforces the recommendations of the first workshop held in the Philippines, in 2010.
The Bharat Scouts and Guides received the participants with welcome dinner hosted by the Delhi State held at the Vidya Vihar School peppered with colorful cultural performances. Present at the dinner is the Mayor of East Delhi Dr Annapurna Mishra who was a Guide herself.
-- SS Ray, APR Honorary Correspondent (India)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Doa ketika menanggalkan pakaian


"Dengan nama Allah".


"Gunakan akal anda seolah-olah nyawa anda bergantung kepadanya."

Kelebihan Sembahyang Subuh Dengan Asar

Daripada Abu Musa Al-Asyaari RA katanya, Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda, “Sesiapa yang mengerjakan dua waktu sejuk,(subuh dan asar), Allah SWT akan memasukkannya ke dalam syurga.”

20 dignitaries in Geneva become Scouts for one day!

The Association du Scoutisme Genevois (The Scout Association of Geneva) or 'Scouts de Genève' is celebrating its Centenary. To mark this occasion, early this morning scarves were hung around the necks of 20 statues standing in the city of Geneva. Moreover, in order to commemorate this Anniversary, an official celebration will be held later today at the headquarters of the Scouts de Genève, which will be attended by cantonal and municipal authorities, as well as many dignitaries from Geneva who are former Scouts and representatives from the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).
After holding a torchlight procession in the City of Geneva in January of this year, and livening up with activities and displays at the biggest shopping centre in Geneva in June, the Geneva Scouts are today celebrating their 100th anniversary through an original concept: the famous statues of Rousseau, Calvin and 18 other Geneva dignitaries spread all over the town have been dressed early this morning wearing Scout scarves bearing the colours of the various Scout groups within the Canton of Geneva.
In addition to this symbolic gesture, the Scout flags of World and Cantonal Scouting have been hoisted over the Mont-Blanc Bridge, the biggest and most famous bridge in Geneva, from Monday 17th September until the end of the week.
Scouting in Geneva was started on 19 September 1912 on the initiative of Louis Blondel, who founded the Association Genevoise des Eclaireurs only 5 years after the creation of the Scout Movement in England by Lord Baden-Powell. Four years later, in 1916, the Association des Eclaireuses was founded for girls. In 1989, both associations merged and gave birth to the current Association du Scoutisme Genevois. With its 1,150 members, Scouting is today the largest youth Movement in the Canton of Geneva contributing to a similar leading position at national level where the total membership totals 42,000.

World Scout Committee announces ‘Bronze Wolf’ awardees list for 2012

The Bronze Wolf is awarded to an individual in recognition of outstanding services to International Scouting. The award was instituted by the then 'International Committee' at their meeting in Stockholm on 2 August 1935 which unanimously awarded the first Bronze Wolf to the Chief Scout of the World, Lord Baden-Powell.
The World Scout Committee has awarded the Bronze Wolf to seven persons for 2012:
  • Mr. Habibul Alam, Bangladesh

  • Mr. Georges El-Ghorayeb, Lebanon

  • Dr. Zuhair Ghunaim, Saudi Arabia

  • Mr. Yoritake Matsudaira, Japan

  • Ms. Maggie Shaddick, Canada

  • Mr. Scott Teare, United States of America

  • Mr. Derek Twine, The United Kingdom
World Scouting congratulates all the awardees.

World Scouting celebrates ‘International Day of Peace 2012’

The International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21st September each year. In the context of the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development that took place in June this year, the UN General Assembly declared that the theme for this year’s International Day of Peace is ‘Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future’. With the Vision of WOSM clearly giving the direction for ‘Creating a Better World’, World Scouting has always thrived to contribute to peaceful coexistence. More than ever before, World Scouting is now having extensive focus on peace education and peace building through a flagship initiative of WOSM, the ‘Messengers of Peace’.
Peace education and peace building have received a new boost in World Scouting since 2011, when the Messengers of Peace (MoP) initiative was launched. The initiative has two components, the MoP Support Fund and the MoP Global Network. Through the Support Fund, MoP offers support and resources especially for those National Scout Organizations of WOSM in need of such support to help start projects and initiatives for their Scouts to be engaged in peace building. The Global Network of MoP aims to reach out to 20 million Scouts coming from all corners of the world to gather through Internet communities and to inspire each other to engage in small actions of social services and peace building in their local communities, as individuals and in small local groups. Members of the Network subsequently share each of these achievements on the Internet, thereby continuing to inspire others and creating a ripple effect.
In these initiatives by World Scouting, peace is defined in broad terms, not just from the perspective of the absence of war, but more so to have a strong, cohesive society, working together for what they see as best for their future to co-exist peacefully. Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General and a former Scout, in his message on the International Day of Peace 2012 has said, ‘Natural resources must be used for the benefit of society and not to finance wars. Let us all work together for a safe, just and prosperous future for all.’
This year, the Messengers of Peace has initiated an ‘International Peace Day Scout Challenge’, inviting Scouts from around the world to answer the two questions: ‘The future I want is…’ and ‘I am a Messenger of Peace because…’ Scouts and Leaders of all ages are invited to visit the Facebook page of the ‘International Peace Day Scout Challenge’ to leave their messages and inspire other Scouts to do so.

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